Windows 10 Store for Consumers, Businesses, and Developers

Today, during the Build conference, has captured more details on what the Windows Store will offer to end-users, businesses, and developers. 

One can learn inter alia that:
End-users, apps in the Windows Store will install and uninstall easily, and the Store will support a range of global payment methods on all Windows devices.

For businesses, admins highlights apps for their employees, distributes select apps from the Windows Store and private line-of-business apps to their employees, and use business payment methods like purchase orders.

When it comes to Developers, they will be able to write an application once and distribute it to the entire Windows 10 device family. Microsoft also announced several new capabilities coming to Windows 10:
1.     Carrier billing across all Windows 10 devices, which from our phone experience, increases purchases in emerging markets by 8x
2.     Updated Windows 10 Microsoft Advertising SDK with support for video ads and install tracking
3.     In-app purchase subscription support
4.     New Windows Store Affiliate Program

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