Looking to the mobile OS space in our digital age.

Mobile device usages increase rapidly and are more and more various and critical when it comes to streamline our digital experiences anywhere and anytime.
The OS (Operating System) behind each device is a game changer in terms of services, innovation and business opportunities.

Then, one can observe that the race to be the “Third OS” behind Google and Apple is changing, in our mobile age where the increasing interest in IoT transform how people and companies harness and interact with data anywhere and anytime.  

 ‘’As Google expands Android Wear, and Apple launches its Apple Watch, other OS vendors must capitalize on not only wearables, but all smart device categories requiring an OS,’ findings are part of ABI Research’s Mobile OS, Browsers, and Applications Market Research.

Southeast Asia, India, and China currently are the most active in mobile device usage; so Connectikpeople.co encourages new entrants to capitalize on markets underserved by Google, while also supporting new development through universal technologies. 

As you imagine, creating a strong universal platform will not only help an OS attract new developers(necessary in underserved markets)but will also encourage developers to port their existing content to a new OS. 

Connectikpeople.co also encourages mobile operators, large retailers, and minion hardware manufacturers looking to the OS space to gain traction and leverage their services to better compete in the market. 

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