3D Animation Software, Hybrid animation, emerging technologies, Key vendors and drivers.

Revenue from this market is more and more exciting with the growing market for 3D games and their popularity among children and adults.

For those who unfamiliar, Connectikpeople.co recalls that, 3D animation is a type of computer animation that includes a combination of modeling, animating, and rendering techniques. Animators model the object, animate it in a 3D environment, and then render the image for the final output. Many 3D animation software products are used to develop 3D images, 3D designs, 3D computer graphics, and 3D video games. 

Hybrid animation is a combination of 2D and 3D animation and lends an artistic and realistic bend to 3D computer-generated objects. 

Connectikpeople.co can observe that, currently, technological limitations prevent animators from producing effective combinations of 3D objects with 2D animations.

 However, emerging technologies such as non-photorealistic tools and toon shading can trigger the usage of hybrid animation, enhancing the overall picture and visual effects. 

According to Research and Markets, the increased demand for 3D games has led the gaming industry to become the largest end-user in the global market.
Key vendors include :  
  • Adobe Systems
  • Autodesk
  • Corel
  • Electric Image
  • Maxon Computer
  • Side Effects Software
  • Corastar
  • Corus entertainment
  • Magix
  • NewTek
  • Smith Micro Software

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