Email Self-Defense guide, resist bulk surveillance in our digital age.

The stakes around data in our digital age are more and more aggressive, strategic and source of all types of lusts and challenges.

From governments and companies to those who worry about their privacy, security and resist bulk surveillance, actions are quite different.

When it comes to effectively resist mass surveillance, it is obvious that, Encryption is a critical first step among vital approaches like: decentralized Web systems; adoption of free software in privacy and security; access to the source code of the computer systems you are using; understanding and controlling what happens to our data and more. has captured for you, an infographic  and Email Self-Defense guide to encrypting your email with free software.

 According to the Free Software Foundation, the goal is to help people protect their information and highlight the crucial role of free software in privacy and security.

Richard Stallman has also described guidelines for reining in surveillance in some detail on

Feel free to submit your app or technology for a global fit and hit.

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