A game changer when it comes to Big Data Hadoop Distributions

From lack of skills and critical IT resources to a set of challenges related to ageing infrastructures, many organizations continue to struggle when it comes to understand, collect, store and harness the power and opportunities of their data.

In a connected world, data is the most critical asset that deserves and requires a strategic action with streamlined architectures and technologies.

In this impetus, technologies such as HBase and Kafka, Hadoop and Spark are increasingly indispensable when it comes to harness the enormous power of your data.

Several Hadoop distributions are hitting the market; but what is also important to understand is that, extreme performance and reliability at scale are indispensable.

Complex configuration for HDFS that requires separated namespaces is not tolerated; unlike efficient distribution for large-cluster implementations. 

Reliable, secure and open data infrastructure that dramatically lowers TCO and enables global real-time data applications is welcome, like the processing of distributed files, database tables, and event streams in one unified cluster. 

For the informational purpose only, Connectikpeople recalls that the MapR Converged Data Platform can bring together the power of Hadoop and Spark with global event streaming; real-time, top-ranked NoSQL database capabilities; and enterprise storage.

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