Analytics and cognitive capabilities within the self-enabling vehicles industry

In our digital lives, it is now clear that, personal and customized experiences are at the core stakes.  

When it comes to self-enabling vehicles, or connected cars, or cars that can learn, heal, drive and socialize, automakers can apply analytics and cognitive capabilities to develop new streamlined vehicle options that focus on personal and customized experiences.

In fact, henceforth we are moving from a mode of transportation, into a mobile data center with onboard sensors and computers that capture volumes of information about the vehicle and its surroundings.

On this momentum, through smart sensors and cognitive computing, manufacturers is and will be able to better understand the vehicle's issues, develop technology and recommend solutions, often times, without the driver bringing the vehicle in for servicing. 

Automakers can also transform the buying experience with analytics and social media analysis to create more highly personalized interactions with potential customers. 

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