New Hybrid Cloud Capabilities at IBM and supported software and capabilities for LinuxONE

IBM is henceforth deeply committed within the open source community where the global company aims to play a fundamental role through powerful contributions, technologies, services and collaborations. 

On this momentum, IBM is optimizing its Cloudant and StrongLoop technologies for LinuxONE. The new features will offer a highly scalable environment on Node.js, which enables developers to write applications for the server side using the language they prefer.
For those are unfamiliar, Cloudant is an enterprise-grade fully managed NoSQL database, that stores data in JSON format, common for mobile data, enabling users to save time by storing data natively in the system, without the need to first convert it to a different language.

IBM is also expanding supported software and capabilities for LinuxONE with Go, designed for building simple, reliable and efficient software.

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