IBM and Open Source Streaming Analytics at the Edge for Internet of Things Devices

The bet and commitment of IBM to the open source community is deeply coming forward. The company accelerates proposals, contributions, offerings and supports.

The recent announcement puts in the hands of Developers and data scientists, the open source code in Quarks to build new apps that can handle massive amounts of IoT data streaming from sensors, smart meters, mobile communications and other connected devices.
In fact, Quarks, that can embed streaming analytics onto Internet of Things (IoT) devices, is henceforth available to the open source community.
Quark’s ability to deliver real-time analytics, to boost application intelligence, and improve cognitive systems, is useful for businesses from automotive and healthcare to telecommunications and manufacturing.

 “By contributing Quarks to the open source community, innovation will move faster, and can enable businesses to move from raw data to insight-driven actions more quickly.” said Nagui Halim, IBM Fellow and Director, IBM Streams.

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