Live Finger Detection technology, heart rate sensor and mote to boost mobile security

The mobile in our ever-connected world is shaping our daily routine with set of services, innovation and applications that help improve our living and working conditions. This momentum deserves security solutions that can bring peace in minds.

At Goodix, three new technologies including Live Finger Detection™, Newton Touch™ panel, and a heart rate sensor, which can enable smart earphone with heart rate detection capability, aim to bring peace in minds.  

Live Finger Detection™ can detect the user’s pulse to enhance security and reject counterfeit or cloned fingerprints. This technology integrates a capacitive fingerprint sensor and an optical heart rate sensor into one silicon sensor design, which can authenticate users with fingerprint as well as finger skin color and heart rate signals. 

Newton Touch™ is can support a variety of displays, such as AMOLED, In-cell and GFF.
The integrated heart rate sensor, which enables a smart earphone with heart rate measurement capability, can measure the user’s heart rate in real-time.

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