New AdaCore QGen 2.1: your model-based development and verification toolset, QGen

Henceforth, as a modern developer you can enjoy the release of the latest version of model-based development and verification toolset, QGen

QGen can provide a qualifiable and customizable code generator from Simulink® and Stateflow® models to the safety-oriented programming languages SPARK (a formally analyzable Ada subset) and MISRA C.
QGen 2.1 supports essentially all constructs used for modeling safety-critical control systems. 

Once can also observe that, QGen 2.1 offers a number of other enhancements including optimization of code for switch blocks, the ability to add external code for Lookup tables and Prelookup blocks, support for commented-out / commented-through blocks, and factoring of code for reference models and model libraries.
QGen 2.1 is compatible with MATLAB versions 2008b through 2015b.

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