Using big data to address the challenges and opportunities of precision medicine

It is increasingly exciting to see that Big Data and Analytics solution providers are aware of the powerful role researchers and technologists can play in our Big Data age; contributing inter alia to improve our living and working conditions. 

Hortonworks, Inc.® , brings up its commitment to the White House’s Precision Medicine Initiative, a bold new research effort to revolutionize how the United States improves health and treats disease.

In fact, Hortonworks will help researchers better understand the root causes of patient health issues and better predict which treatments will be most effective, through its open data platforms and technology.

As part of its commitment, Hortonworks will:
  • Offer free support subscriptions for Hortonworks DataFlow, its data-in-motion platform, to 50 research organizations
  • Provide online training to 100 research organizations over a two-year period
  • Create a new online community called the “Precision Medicine Community” as a part of its Hortonworks Community Connection.

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