Value-based care, Health-related data and IBM Watson Health in our connected world

Thanks to the cloud-based solutions, the power of Cognitive computing and the capabilities of Advanced Analytics, people around the world have now unmatched opportunities to improve their healthcare, living and working conditions. 

When it comes to Healthcare industry for instance, one can observe how the combination of these emerging technologies can transform and improve the access to efficient-affordable healthcare. IBM Watson Health unit since its launching in April 2015 is one of the living examples of how new technologies and paradigms con improve our living conditions in real-time through actionable data and insight.

Value-based care is an emerging healthcare model at the heart of IBM Watson Health unit where the stakes focus on: improved quality of care; controlled costs and driven better near- and long-term health outcomes for individuals.
Henceforth, Watson Health will rely inter alia on Truven Health Analytics, a provider of cloud-based healthcare data, analytics and insights and others acquisitions to enable:
·        Healthcare organizations to take previously disparate data sets, including vast amounts of unstructured data, and combine them together to create unique insights that help inform a broad range of health decisions,
·        Help professionals improve health outcomes, control costs, and advance value-based care solutions. 
For those who are unfamiliar, Truven Health Analytics is IBM’s fourth major health-related acquisition since launching its Watson Health unit in April 2015, following Phytel (population health), Explorys (cloud-based healthcare intelligence) and Merge Healthcare (medical imaging).

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