Autodesk and Siemens within the Software Interoperability

Openness and interoperability are a changer in our ever-connected world where companies including manufacturers are under increased pressure to get high quality products to market faster, with increased efficiencies, flexibility and lower costs to the consumer.

When it comes to computer-aided design (CAD) software, one can observe that, incompatibility among various CAD systems remains a key challenge that negatively affects manufacturers worldwide, and can add to the cost of products.
In fact, the multi-CAD environments exist internally between departments or externally with partners and supply chains.

Henceforth, Autodesk, Inc. and Siemens are working together to significantly improve the interoperability between their companies’ respective software offerings; with the common goal of streamlining data sharing and reducing costs in organizations with multi-CAD environments. 

Both companies will share toolkit technology and exchange end-user software applications to build and market interoperable products.

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