Dragon Drive and Nuance Mix for Customizable Voice Platforms Connecting Cars to Wearables and Smart Home Devices

More and more we hear about self-driving cars, connected devices, connected cars, smart sensors, intelligent cars and more. These emerging trends fuel the growth of the digital economy with vast amount data that arouse appetites.

Nuance Communications, Inc. , charts its way within this industry focusing inter alia on its Dragon Drive connected car platform and Nuance Mix voice and natural language understanding developer platform, currently in beta.
This combination can provide automakers with a set of capabilities to create intelligent and conversational voice experiences for cars.

Dragon Drive’s expansive voice and content platform gives automakers the ability to create voice-enabled apps and services that let drivers speak to connect with smart devices and systems. 

With Nuance Mix, automakers can extend natural language, voice recognition and text-to-speech. People can talk to these devices to control functions in the car and more.

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