IBM with its Expands Access and Value of z Systems Mainframe Data with Apache Spark

In our ever-connected world where data is the new natural resource and where computer systems are able to understand, reason and learn, IBM is committed to help businesses to develop and capitalize on insights before they are no longer relevant.


A new momentum leads to easier and faster for organizations to access and analyze data in-place on the IBM z Systems mainframe with the new z/OS Platform for Apache Spark. 
IBM z/OS Platform for Apache Spark can enable Spark, an open-source analytics framework, to run natively on the z/OS mainframe operating system. Henceforth data scientists can analyze data in place on the system origin, without the need to extract, transform and load (ETL).
For those who are unfamiliar, IBM z/OS Platform for Apache Spark includes Spark open source capabilities consisting of the Apache Spark core, Spark SQL, Spark Streaming, Machine Learning Library (MLlib) and Graphx, combined with the industry’s mainframe-resident Spark data abstraction solution.

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