IBM’s Watson platform: New and Advanced APIs for Cognitive Systems on the Cloud

It is increasingly exciting to see that dynamic Artificial Intelligence (AI) infused apps and services enter at the rapid pace, our daily digital lives with great promises of improved living and working conditions. 

IBM’s Watson platform is charting its way with a set of services, technologies and infrastructure that converge many interests and excitements.

The momentum continues with new and expanded cognitive APIs for developers that enhance Watson’s emotional and visual senses.

You can harness three APIs, Tone Analyzer, Emotion Analysis and Visual Recognition, available in beta. 

Text to Speech (TTS) has been updated with new emotional capabilities and is being re-released as Expressive TTS for general availability. 

With these APIs IBM aims to push the sensory boundaries of how humans and machines interact.

These APIs are designed to improve how developers embed these technologies to create solutions that can think, perceive and empathize.

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