Social Listening to Enhance Business Intelligence & Decisions

In our ever-connected world where social media and messaging apps are increasingly at the heart of economic stakes, it is clear that, social listening can enable executives to gain a better understanding of their business, as well as existing customers and target audiences in order to grow revenue, reduce marketing costs, lower reputation risk and enhance productivity.

Based on this reality, NetBase has partnered with Domo, to integrate data from NetBase’s industry social analytics platform with Domo’s cloud-based platform. The integration is enabled through a self-service NetBase connector, available in the Domo Appstore. 

Henceforth, with the integration of the NetBase social listening platform, Domo users can have full visibility into the conversations about their brand and products, the ability to visualize NetBase social media trends and reports and access to real-time insights to make faster, better-informed decisions.

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