Consumer brand transactions and interactions through Facebook Messenger

In our ever-connected world where social media and messaging apps are a game changer, one can easily observe that, while there is a growing desire for self-service options, consumers to engage brands through text and messaging, it is however clear that, most consumers still want the ability to talk to a live person when they want. Meaning inter alia that; messaging must be approached as a seamless part of a larger customer service experience. 

Increasingly, messaging apps like Facebook Messenger is used for customer service versus a phone call. An interesting trend, which lures Aspect Software. The company announced an initiative to accelerate consumer brand transactions and interactions through Facebook Messenger. 

In fact, Aspect is seeing Facebook Messenger rapidly becoming a critical customer service and engagement channel, one that will allow brands to design more frictionless and delightful interactions with their consumers. 

The integration between Aspect CXP and Facebook Messenger can help create chatbots using NLU in more than a dozen languages to match a customer query to the right response. The chatbots can engage consumers in a conversation to get more information when needed or complete multi-step transactions.

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