Enterprise platform to help enterprise cloud operators better ingest OpenStack clouds

OpenStack is henceforth at the core the Cloud industry where Enterprise users see OpenStack as an integration engine for new compute, storage and networking technologies.

On this momentum, the Solinea Goldstone Enterprise platform can help enterprise cloud operators better manage the workloads migrating to their production OpenStack clouds.

The platform has not tied to a specific OpenStack distribution or architectural opinion and leverages the open source Goldstone project. 

One can also observe that, Solinea Goldstone Enterprise can provide purpose-built monitoring and resource control for OpenStack private clouds based on the Kilo and Liberty editions of the software. 

Billed as a resource optimization platform for enterprise operators of OpenStack private and hybrid clouds, three main categories of features are available:  
1. Resource Optimization Capabilities
2. Audit and Visualization Features
3. Monitoring and Alerting Tools.

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