Sensors and systems: Tekscan New Development Kit in helping to expedite the proof of concept phase

The performance and flexibility are indispensable in our ever-connected world where the competition is very aggressive. Henceforth, Tekscan New Development Kit combines a MicroView display module, USB programmer interface, and analog front-end FlexiForce® Quickstart board. This package, along with open-source software and two FlexiForce sensors can enable engineers to quickly test how FlexiForce sensors will behave in their specific product or application environment. 

Now OEMs and OEM design engineers can easily test and embed FlexiForce technology into their products with the new OEM Development Kit.
In fact, the tool will help reduce design and development time by offering a quick and easy proof-of-concept solution.

For those who are unfamiliar, sensors and systems from Tekscan are used across a wide range of applications within test and measurement, medical, dental, and retail; as stand-alone solutions or as embedded technology to create better and differentiated products.

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