SurveyMonkey Intelligence a new mobile app insights platform

Data is a game changer in our ever-connected world; so that, it is indispensable to help apps developer and publishers to access critical data in order to make great decisions. The mobile app insights market is very competitive and it is exciting to observe that, vendors are removing certain barriers of time, flexibility, and cost in getting mobile app data.

A new comer SurveyMonkey Intelligence, a mobile app insights platform from SurveyMonkey®, can help app publishers to benchmark key metrics, track competitors, improve due diligence, and discover emerging mobile trends in order to make smarter business decisions. 

SurveyMonkey Intelligence can offer granular data around mobile usage, revenue, and churn. Mobile metric data currently provided by SurveyMonkey Intelligence includes:
  • Usage and retention data: active users (weekly or monthly), user engagement, sessions and time spent, churn
  • Leaderboards: fastest growing, largest by category, best-in-class metrics, top new apps
  • Features: filter by OS and store category, compare apps side-by-side, export chart images, download CSV data
  • Audience data: demographics, user base overlap, app affinity
  • Store data: downloads, revenue, average revenue per daily active users
The platform includes a free plan where customers can select any app to track downloads and active user metrics. Paid plans begin at $79 per month when you buy an annual plan, and scale up depending on customer needs. 

SurveyMonkey Intelligence data is based on a national sample of Android and iOS users across devices in the United States.

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