The new IBM Bluemix Garage Method to Speed Cloud Development

Data-intensive and Cloud apps are henceforth at the core of the blossoming of our ever-connected world. 

At IBM, they are deeply aware of this reality. The dynamics behind and within IBM Bluemix Garage demonstrates this commitment.

Henceforth, through the Bluemix Garage Method, organizations and developers can rapidly design, build, deploy and scale innovative cloud applications. 
IBM now has four Bluemix Garages around the world, including locations in San Francisco, London, Toronto and Nice.

The Bluemix Garage Method incorporates practices and methodologies combining IBM’s Design Thinking approach with the IBM Cloud infrastructure, advanced APIs, open communities and DevOps.

The learning fosters in the collaborative, creative environments of the Bluemix Garages to help enterprise organizations accelerate all phases of app design, development and delivery.

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