IBM Quantum Computing Available on IBM Cloud: stakes, realities and the technology

We are at the early stages when it comes to QuantumComputing. From basic errors and fragility to instability, the initial challenges are stringent. But the potential is huge in terms of speed and processing. 

With a quantum computer built of just 50 qubits, none of today’s TOP500 supercomputers could successfully emulate it.

For those who are unfamiliar, a classical computer makes use of bits to process information, where each bit represents either a one or a zero. In contrast, a qubit can represent a one, a zero, or both at once, which is known as superposition.

According to IBM, the major challenges include creating qubits of high quality and packaging them together in a scalable way, so they can perform complex calculations in a controllable way.

However, IBM scientists have built a quantum processor that users can access via the IBM Cloud onto any desktop or mobile device. 

One can observe that, the cloud-enabled quantum computing platform, called IBM Quantum Experience, will allow users to run algorithms and experiments on IBM’s quantum processor, work with the individual quantum bits (qubits), and explore tutorials and simulations around what might be possible with quantum computing.

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