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Nuance Dragon® Anywhere Group for enables quick and accurate documentation within the enterprise

Streamlined Office productivity tools are henceforth indispensable in our ever-connected world where competition is increasingly aggressive within each industry and vertical. 

Organizations of all sizes and professionals need real-time ability for document creation without time or length constraints, and with the ability to easily share documents and reports via email or cloud-based sharing apps, such as Dropbox and Evernote.
Nuance Dragon® Anywhere Group taps into this vertical as a new cloud-based, professional-grade, mobile dictation solution for enterprises of all sizes.
Dragon Anywhere Group can enable quick and accurate documentation in the field via iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. 

Dragon Anywhere Group includes powerful management tools with the Nuance Management Center, a web-based environment that enables central administration at a user, group, site or organization-wide level. 

It is user-friendly and customizable for my specific work needs. Dragon Anywhere Group also provides an easy tool for authoring reports in the field, along with shared and customizable settings for managing and tracking remote teams of report authors.

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