Red Hat on Ansible 2.1, with Network Automation, Containers, Microsoft Windows, and Azure

DevOps teams and IT administrators are henceforth aware great benefits related to streamlined, integrated tools, simple, powerful, and agentless open source IT automation framework.

The general availability of Ansible 2.1 can lure many by automating routine activities such as network configuration, cloud deployments, and creation of development environments

Ansible 2.1 includes many new features, including: Support for Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Azure; Expanded Support for Containers; General Availability of Networking Automation.
In effect, Ansible 2.1 adds more than 40 new core modules providing network automation support across a variety of network platforms including: Arista EOS; Cisco IOS; Cisco IOS-XR; Cisco NXOS; Cumulus Networks; Juniper Networks Junos OS; and OpenSwitch. 

Ansible 2.1 is now available via GitHub, PyPi, and package manager for most major Linux distributions.

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