The new PrintKit app to speed mobile printing of 1D or 2D barcode and QR code labels

With the goal to maximize convenience and increase efficiency, working with IPC DPP-255 and DPP-450 mobile printers, this free-new app can be downloaded to any iOS device to create custom labels or replicate existing labels. 

Available at the iTunes® App Store,  you can enter the size of the label, scan the barcode of an existing label to replicate it, or generate a unique 1D or 2D barcode or QR code within the app. 

PrintKit is compatible with IPC’s mobile peripheral units, such as the Linea Pro® and Infinea® Tab, which add a barcode scanner to the iPod touch® and iPhone®, or the iPad®, respectively. 

The app can boost efficiency and streamline operations in multiple industries, including retail, warehousing, logistics, transportation, ticketing and supply chain.

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