AxiomIO + IndependenceIT® for Enhanced Citrix Workspace-as-a-Service Deployments

Cost to manage the environments, auditing capabilities, flexibility, performance and productivity are at the core of this partnership between AxiomIO + IndependenceIT® for Enhanced Citrix Workspace-as-a-Service Deployments. 

By enhancing the AxiomIO Citrix WaaS solution and control of its all-flash hyper-converged Software Defined Data Center environment with IndependenceIT, the company is now able to significantly reduce its cost to manage these environments.

One can also observe that, IndependenceIT’s Cloud Workspace software has also allowed AxiomIO to unlock the full potential of WaaS with its automation and enhanced workflows that also allow AxiomIO to delegate controls to customers as requested.

IndependenceIT also provides auditing capabilities which support regulatory compliance by providing accountability of all actions for enhanced oversight and reporting.

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