The availability of S_Backhaul 2.0, a wireless connectivity tool addressing the challenges of Small Cell backhaul deployments and more

It is henceforth obvious that, densification and small cell deployments are disrupting the wireless market.

Performance, simplicity, security, accuracy and reliability are also at the core of this industry that is witnessing henceforth the availability of S_Backhaul 2.0., a wireless connectivity tool from SIRADEL addressing the challenges of Small Cell backhaul deployments (Line-Of-Sight, near Line-Of-Sight and Non-Line-Of-Sight) and Last Mile fiber extension as well as optimizing the design process of high-capacity Microwave links.
One can note that, S_Backhaul can offer an innovative set of features to simulate with maximum accuracy any backhaul technologies at various frequencies (sub6GHz, 6-42GHz and millimeter waves) and any link visibility (LOS, nLOS and NLOS) thanks to Volcano, the leading 3D-ray tracing propagation prediction tool. S_Backhaul enables network planners to manage and design all backhaul links within a single tool. 

S_Backhaul is powered by Smart City ExplorerTM, SIRADEL’s advanced 3D display capabilities and spatial data analytics.

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