Automotive and Telecoms Sectors to Launch Europe Project for Connected and Automated Driving

Exciting and promising projects for Connected and Automated Driving emerge from the ground-up across the world with the primary purpose to improve and streamline our living and transportation conditions.

An exciting momentum that lures the European Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society.

In fact, Europe’s leading trade associations for the telecommunications and the automotive sectors announced they intend to launch a large-scale, pre-deployment project to test connected and automated driving at the EU level. 

The main objective is to strengthen Europe’s position in connected and automated driving, by accelerating the EU-wide deployment of related key technologies. 

Then, on can observe that, the industry-led project will focus on use cases and test functionalities in three main areas: automated driving, road safety and traffic efficiency, and the digitalisation of transports and logistics. 

Functions that are being considered include high density platooning, cooperative collision avoidance, remote control parking, local-hazard warnings and traffic flow optimisation. High definition maps will be updated with a fast connection to the internet on phone or other mobile devices. 

The works are expected to start in 2017, will include two main phases. A first phase, to run until 2019, will feature tests on available communication technologies, such as LTE - Long-Term Evolution - (4G) technology. A second phase, to run until 2021, will be based on both 4G and 5G technologies, bearing in mind that different functionalities have different network requirements.

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