GSMA’s New Tool to Measure Conditions for Delivering Mobile Internet Connectivity Worldwide

Universal Access to the Internet is at the center of this new online tool that can measure the ability of more than 130 countries worldwide to connect offline citizens to the mobile internet. 

In effect, the GSMAMobile Connectivity Index focuses on: infrastructure; affordability; consumer readiness; and content. 

One can observe that, the tool aggregates data from multiple sources and is designed to support the efforts of the mobile industry and the wider international community to deliver on the ambition of universal access to the internet. 

Actionable insights can inform projects designed to support the ambition of universal access to the internet in our digital era where already more than 3 billion people worldwide are accessing the internet via mobile, while more than 4 billion people are offline and excluded from the powerful opportunities for social and economic development that the mobile internet enables.

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