Mobile App for Digital Farming Now Available on iOS, Android and Mobile Browsers

Informatics for agriculture, environment and weather greatly pave its way in our ever-connected era where data is a game-changer in each industry. 

Steadily and surely through mobile apps, farmers, scientists and others can get access to key and actionable environmental information. They can better understand the relationship between their products and the environment.

They can also get better crop and environmental science to help manage declining water resources, prevent overuse and misuse of chemicals, and mitigate weather risk in a changing climate.

Iteris,Inc. , announces the next generation of WeatherPlot, its precision weather and soil analytics mobile app developed for seed and crop protection companies looking to equip their staff with key environmental information. 

Available in English and Spanish languages, WeatherPlot is a site-specific app that can provide field-level assessments of hourly or daily weather conditions. 

In effect, WeatherPlot users can access rich data sets combining 30 years of historical and forecasted weather data with soil-related information.

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