GRAPHIXON’s 2D & 3D Print Technology for Leather, Canvas & Vinyl

Steadily and surely 2D & 3D Print Technology emerges from the stealth-mode with promising values that augur exciting perspectives across numerous industries. 

For instance, GRAPHIXON’s2D & 3D Print Technology for Leather, Canvas & Vinyl now offers a process for enhancing leather, canvas, vinyl, etc. with high resolution 2D and 3D full color images. 

3D printing machine.
One can observe that, the potential market for the technology is global and augurs a paradigm shift in the surface enhancement of materials used in the apparel, automotive, aircraft, marine, military, upholstery and just about every commercial and consumer application where pliable covering material is used to provide protection and surface aesthetics. 

The patent pending technology is deployed in a simple process starting with printing the desired digital image onto a Graphixon paper, via conventional printing equipment ranging from desktop inkjet printers to wide format and other commercial printing methods.


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