IT and Facilities should work together to optimize the data center environment

The requirements of our ever-connected digital world are increasingly huge and high, so that, IT and Facilities should work together to ensure efficiency and optimize the data center.

In effect, both teams need to work together and understand the impact that the aforesaid considerations will ultimately have on the data center environment.

Upsite Technologies has releases new White Paper exploring how IT Decisions impact Data Center facilities and the Importance of Collaboration.

The white paper develops a cooperative approach to data center management.
Key considerations and findings of the white paper include employing airflow management best practices as well as specifying:
  • High ΔT Servers vs. Low ΔT Servers
  • A1, A2, A3, or A4 Servers
  • Equipment That Breathes from Front-to-Back
  • Solid State Storage or Tape Storage
  • Cooling Unit Set Point
  • Cages that are Compatible with Containment

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