Make FPGA-accelerated GZIP compression accessible to developers of data center applications

At the center of stakes, we have: QuickPlay™ Software Defined FPGA development flow with the integration of a high performance GZIP IP core from CAST.

In effect, with this combination, software developers without any specific hardware or FPGA expertise can now develop their own FPGA-accelerated GZIP applications and achieve better performance and performance per watt over CPU-executed GZIP compression. 

Based on the reality that, building an FPGA-accelerated GZIP application can be a non-trivial task when using traditional FPGA tools, and modifying it to fit specific customer requirements isn’t any easier, CAST and PLDA GROUP are delivering a complete FPGA based GZIP compression accelerator that can be further customized by developers without hardware expertise using the QuickPlay Software Defined development tool.


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