Video Communications Platform as a Service in our ever-connected digital world

Video Communications Platform as a Service is poised to transform a wide range of applications and business processes, According to IDC.

For those who are unfamiliar, Video communications platform as a service (PaaS) is billed now, as, a radical new approach to building real-time video communications applications.

In effect, Video PaaS is quickly helping developers to embed real-time video into mobile apps, Web sites, or business processes. 

Video PaaS can deliver live, two-way video with business-grade performance using an API-first product strategy centered on mobile end points. 

Video PaaS drives a much lower cost compared to premises-based video solutions. There are no up-front hardware or software costs, no contracts or commitments, and no subscription fees. Payment is based on micro-billing tied to actual usage

The video PaaS market currently consists of a patchwork of individual use cases and specialized applications.


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