CMOS Camera technology Vs CCD sensors

Smartphones and tablets are now at the core of our digital experiences so that, these smart devices need streamlined technologies, and intuitive user experience at each level. 

Both CMOS Camera technology and CCD sensors have certainly their role to play on this momentum. 

Then, one can observe a steady shift from CCD sensors to CMOS sensors that is increasingly irreversible as CMOS technology is simple and has low manufacturing cost.

In fact, if CCD sensor is superior regarding light sensitivity and quality, it has many complications related to design and consumes immense power.

Therefore, CMOS image sensor is widely preferred over CCD sensor, due to better picture quality; Improved low-light performance; Reduction in height of camera modules; High adoption of flip-chip camera modules, to name a few.

CMOS camera module market projected to reach USD 42.88 billion by 2020, posting a CAGR of almost 18% until 2020, according to Technavio.

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