CMOS image sensor based on CCD technology for high-performance applications

The best of both technologies is at the core of stakes at IMEC, a Belgium-based nanoelectronics research center that claimed to have developed a CMOS image sensor based on CCD technology for high-performance applications. 

One can learn that, it is developed by embedding CCD in CMOS time delay integration (TDI) image sensor. The integration is done by combining CCD's low-noise performance with fast readouts of CMOS image sensor. 

A TDI imager is used to synchronize the linear motion of the scene with multiple samplings of the same object to increase the signal-to-noise ratio. 

For those who are unfamiliar, the signal-to-noise ratio is a measurement that is used to compare the level of the desired signal to background noise. The higher the signal-to-noise ratio, lower the distortion in the image. 

According to Technavio, these advances in CMOS image sensors will lead to higher adoption of camera modules.

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