Here is what Internet of Things (IoT) devices need to perform cryptographic authentication

In our ever-connected world where most connected devices are not being built with security in mind, as many IoT device manufacturers lack the funding, expertise, and awareness to properly implement it, it is clear that, hardware-based embedded security solutions play an important role.

In effect, IoT devices need a trusted platform, like an Embedded Secure Element (eSE), Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), or Trusted Platform Module (TPM) to perform cryptographic authentication.

connected devices.
For those who are unfamiliar, each platform performs security-critical functions and provides Roots of Trust (RoT), which are critical components to security architecture and allow for efficiently deployed and managed data protection across the entire data life cycle.

TPM chips can be ideal for combating IoT security challenges. Vendors producing TPM chips include Atmel, Broadcom, Infineon, Nuvoton, and STMicroelectronics.

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