How Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Are Changing Retail

We are always at the early stages, when it comes to see a deep shift on how Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are Changing Retail. But, one can observe that, brands are already leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), VR and AR to transform the way consumers shop. 

The emergence of mixed commerce formats that use VR or AR to create an entirely new, location-flexible, endless-aisle retail format that blends together the best of brick-and-mortar and digital shopping. 

By replacing physical merchandise with 3D models, large format retailers will be able to shrink their retail footprint to an interactive sign, pop-up or main street store.

Online retailers will be able to pursue location-flexible and scalable brick and mortar strategies; and customers will enjoy configuring and interacting with their next purchase via VR and limited tactile engagement.

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