IBM recommends three actions to drive sustainable competitive advantage through cloud adoption

From Public cloud, through Private to Hybrid cloud, it is now clear that, almost every company is using the cloud for multiple reasons related to increase productivity, flexibility, performance, and cost-efficiency, to name a few.

In this momentum, it is indispensable to assist users in aligning, integrating and deploying IT resources in the cloud to meet their ongoing needs.

IBM for instance recommends three actions to drive sustainable competitive advantage through cloud adoption:
  • Deepen understanding of business implications and financial cases of cloud, then use the knowledge to steer future cloud initiatives. During each stage of cloud adoption, make sure to combine insights from business and IT. A custom-made environment will be possible when there's an understanding of what the business needs and how cloud capabilities can help.

  • Strengthen the ability to manage the complexity of multiple cloud ecosystem partners. Managing a dynamic and interdependent environment will require a new mind set and new skills within an organization.

  • Extend the limits of complying with security and regulation through new internal capabilities and external solutions. Establish strict control policies internally and verify that providers will adhere to the same standards an organization would impose on-premises. Instilling discipline will help avoid human risk, which is often the most uncontrollable.

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