Indoor Location tracking technology for iPhones and iPads

Indoor location products, technologies, and services are increasingly impacting our digital experiences through iBeacons' signals.

Providers of this technology across the world are developing innovative products for a wide variety of needs.

Accuware for instance has launched Wearabouts for iOS, a system that can locate and track iOS devices using iBeacons. The new system can track device's movements continuously using a background app. 

In effect, the system requires multiple iBeacons deployed through a venue. The app collects and uploads iBeacons' data for the server to determine the device location. 

The site must be fingerprinted to enable indoor location. Fingerprinting consists in building a database of ambient iBeacons signals that characterize signal patterns across the site. 

The Wearabouts app does not need to be actively running on the screen for tracking to occur. Wearabouts users must explicitly opt-in.

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