NEC Energy Solutions DSS™ distributed energy storage platform

At the core of stakes, we have: energy storage and distributed energy management services.

NEC Energy Solutions DSS™ distributed energy storage platform is designed with the goal to empower commercial developers and utilities to deliver advanced energy services. 

The platform is offered as a standardized, UL safety-certified, AC energy storage system in easy-to-install, preconfigured outdoor-rated enclosures, compliant with all relevant regulatory and environmental standards. 

The platform embarks lithium-ion battery storage technology, power conversion, and advanced controls software in a range of flexible outdoor-rated configurations.

The DSS platform is scalable from 85kWh to 510kWh of energy storage capacity and offers from 30kW up to 650kW of power capability. 

One can also observe that, the NEC Energy Solutions AEROS® controls software package can offer operating modes that allow the DSS platform to perform a wide variety of applications, for example, by switching from cost savings by demand charge management to revenue earning.

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