The 3D Rendering technology in our ever-connected digital world

The stakes related to the 3D Rendering technology are increasingly appropriated within numerous industries and vertical that found the technology as a critical tool. The cloud is democratizing the access to the technology.  

For those who are unfamiliar, 3D Rendering basically refers to the process of conversion of three dimensional data into an image. The pre-created three dimensional structures are converted into attractive images by the help of 3D rendering software.

Currently the process is increasingly being used to convert images of buildings, animated characters, sceneries and other such 3D geometric models into images with desired simulation, optical effects and other such innovative characteristics. 

In the field of engineering, the software is being used to conceptualize, design, represent and analyse parts of machines. 

The market for 3D rendering software was valued at $4820 Million in 2016, according to Research and Markets.

The firm also reveals that, in 2015, North America is dominating the global 3D rendering software market share followed by Europe, Asia Pacific and others.

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