The impact of security-policy orchestration technology within enterprise organizations

Cyber resiliency is at the core of stakes. Many experts in the cyber security industry forecast that, Security Policy Orchestration and Automation will lead next-generation cybersecurity for enterprises.

With this new architecture, we move from static defense to agile and adaptive response, in our ever-connected environment where cyber threats are increasingly sophisticated. 

Orchestration is a conceptual architecture for maintaining business functions and operations despite adverse cyber conditions. Orchestration platforms focus on automating management.

Established network security companies are increasingly offering orchestration for their product base: FireEye, ForeScout, Tufin, Tripwire, among others. Newer firms, such as Phantom, are investing in the market from a unique orchestration perspective. 

According to ABI Research, Security policy orchestration will hit $1 billion in its global revenues by 2020.

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