Voice Control as the Bedrock for Smart Home Applications

One can easily observe that, there is a lack of standardization when it comes to Voice Control capabilities and voice control systems. Then, Apple, Amazon, and Google, all have their own approaches and ways of leveraging their voice capabilities to extend and support their core businesses.

While Siri and Google Now are well-established smartphone features, many experts are predicting that, it is in the smart home that voice control systems will unveil their full potential. 

In effect, Smart TVs, smart refrigerators, smart plugs, cameras, doorbells, smart lighting, to name a few, will extend the reach and simplicity of managing the smart home environment using voice.  

Voice control which combines speech recognition and natural language processing is on an interesting curve to become the key user interface within the smart home.

ABI Research is forecasting more than 120 million voice-enabled devices will be ship annually by 2021.

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