Fugue in the Cloud Infrastructure Orchestration and Enforcement industry

At the core of stakes, we have the ability to program and orchestrate the full lifecycle of your entire Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure service stack across compute, network and storage in a systematic and scalable manner.

We also have, advanced cloud operations capabilities in the areas of team collaboration and next-generation enforcement of regulatory compliance and custom policies.

In effect, Fugue, Inc., announced the immediate availability of the free version of its cloud orchestration product, Fugue

For those who are unfamiliar, Fugue can simplify common challenges enterprises face when operating in the cloud and can mitigate the need for deep domain expertise required to manage massive infrastructure complexity and ensure regulatory compliance.

Fugue works with today’s workloads and DevOps toolchains and can significantly simplify a wide range of cloud-native use cases, including immutable infrastructure, container-based and serverless cloud services, microservices and blue/green deployments.

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