Asia Pacific spending on robotics and related services

The most exciting when it comes to robotics, is to see that; industries across the world are leveraging robotics to improve operational agility, productivity, responsiveness and customer experience. Asia Pacific is experiencing accelerated growth in robotics adoption beyond manufacturing, especially in commercial and consumer service robotics.

According to the newly released IDC Worldwide Commercial Robotics Spending Guide, Asia Pacific spending is very exciting growing from $60 billion in 2016 to over $133 billion in 2020.

Asia Pacific is increasingly billed as the fastest growing robotics market led by China, Korea and Japan, and can account for more than two thirds of worldwide robotics spending throughout the 2016-2020.

I can also observe that, manufacturing continues to dominate Asia Pacific spending in robotics, with discrete and process manufacturing accounting for 33% and 28% respectively in 2016. This is followed by resources, consumer, and healthcare industries in terms of overall robotics spending.

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