Self-optimising network (SON) solutions to service 4.5G and 5G migration

From improved revenue, flexibility and reduced costs, to the name a few, stakes for Self-optimising network (SON) solutions impacting 4.5G and 5G migration are real and steadily well-appropriated, despite the fact that, deployments beyond very basic use cases have been limited.
For those who are unfamiliar, I can recall that, Self-optimising network (SON) solutions have been hailed as the route to efficient, flexible mobile networks in which manual processes are automated to support massive scale.

Survey from Research and Markets indicates that, most mobile network operators (MNOs) have reduced their 1-to-2-year investment expectations as they wait for more functionality. The firm also notes that, Vendors need to kickstart a new wave of investment in Self-optimising network (SON) technology by making it a platform that can improve revenue, not just reduce costs, and become the brains of the new network.

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