Voice command’s growing role in the smart home market

One can proudly observe that, manufactures including Google, Amazon, Fabriq, to name a few are bringing voice command functionality to the masses at an even lower price point. An interesting move and one that validates voice command’s growing role in the smart home market.

The Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation) is billed now as a lower cost voice gateway as compared to the economically-priced, first-generation model.
ABI Research finds that the Google Home retails at a $129 price point with an estimated BOM of $43.44. 

I can also observe that, taking into account all the emerging voice command devices recently infiltrating the smart home market, smart speaker manufacturer Fabriq may actually prove to be the dark horse to watch.

In effect, retailing at the same price point as the Amazon Echo Dot, the smart speaker incorporates Amazon Alexa functionality, uses a MediaTek chipset, and works in battery mode as a Bluetooth speaker for remote music streaming, relying on a mobile handset to connect to the Internet.