Hadoop anywhere in our ever-connected world

For those who are unfamiliar, the exploding big data from the web has generated huge opportunities for storage and analytics software. The development of e-commerce results in increase in amount of unstructured data from social media. As a result, large and complex datasets are being generated in almost all business activities. Due to which the need for storage, maintenance, and analysis of such data sets has arrived. 

In this momentum, Hadoop brings the ability to handle all types of data from every type of systems. It not only let you to store data but also to reveal insights by establishing relationships between different data sets.

Hadoop is a data storage processing system that enables data storage, file sharing, data analytics etc. The technology is scalable & enables effective analysis from large unstructured data therefore adding value.  

With increasing role of social media and internet communication Hadoop is being largely used by giant technological companies such as Facebook, Yahoo, Intel, IBM, to name a few.  
Hadoop as a solution is increasingly offering data retrieval and data security features.

According to Research and Markets, Hadoop software is the highest growing market in comparison to hardware and services. In terms of geographical segmentation, North America expected to lead the revenues in this market due to higher rate of technology adoption.

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